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Inviting friends is very easy, copy the invitation link, and invite friends to join through social software, YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, Telegram, etc.

Invite a friend to reset the spin count. Also, get a 10% referral bonus from your referred user earnings.

You can get one free spin every day. Invite friends can also get spins and earn $0.12 and $0.68, but we recommend upgrading to a premium account to earn $150-$600 per day.

Click the Upgrade from account menu, Choose a spin to upgrade, and click the BUY button. If the account balance is sufficient, you can buy it immediately.

Flash sale spins can only be purchased when the sale starts.

Click the upgrade account menu, recharge button in the upper right corner, fill in the recharge amount, click recharge, and then use the bitcoin wallet to transfer the corresponding bitcoin amount to the address and wait for about 30 minutes to arrive.

Upgrading accounts is permanent and requires gradual upgrades.

Bitcoin transactions require a certain fee, so we limit the minimum withdrawal limit to $ 5

You can instantly withdraw your money. In some cases, we did a manual withdrawal process and it will take a longer time. High-level users give priority to withdrawals.

Because each country's payment system is different, there are risks such as exchange rates, taxes, and leakage of personal information. usdtspin uses the globally trusted bitcoin payment, and transaction information can be viewed in any network. You can choose your trusted wallet software for deposits and withdrawals.

You can choose your trusted wallet software for deposits and withdrawals. We recommend Trust wallet, Paxful, Binance, local bitcoins, etc.

Through wallet, and withdraw the money from your wallet to your Bank card, PayPal or Convert into local currency etc. conveniently and quickly.

Click the Personal menu to modify withdraw address or password. Please check the address carefully to avoid loss of income.

For users have successfully withdrawn, After passing the application review, users can be promoted to managers to serve new users and get higher compensation

usdtspin will assign 3000 new users to you and you need to guide them to understand the rules and usage of the platform, we will provide you with a 10% bonus on the user's income, which will be a lot of money.

usdtspin is a legitimate website.

Serve global personal credit loans, have in-depth cooperation with 17 financing platforms in the world, share the profits with platform users. Send more than 3 bitcoins of profit to users per day.

You can view our real-time payment history on our Telegram channel.

Our Anti-Fraud policy is direct and concise. All unauthentic traffic is prohibited. If our manual review team or our AI automatically detects any fake stats, your account will be terminated indefinitely and you will be permanently banned from usdtspin and accessing its services.

You can contact the manager, or go to the telegram group for consultation